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The first year of studying in English-speaking groups of Ukrainian and foreign students has come to an end. “We are the best managers!” – They say.

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year, Ukrainian students of the 2nd and 3rd courses, which are studying in the program track “Corporate management”, joined the English-language project. It was not easy to make a decision about studying in English – 8 Ukrainian students were very nervous and doubted about their abilities, but decided to try it.

In view of the results of two examinations students from international groups demonstrated high performance, and also took an active part in the academic life of the University, particularly in obtaining a diploma for the best reports in the International research and practice conference “Economics for Ecology”, for the victory in the All-Ukraine student debate “Rio + 20 “, in a number of national and international competitions of scientific works.  

Students help each other in their studies, explain unknown material, learn new words together. In these groups, the demands on the discipline and quality of education have increased. Students now feel that they are studying in Europe.

Collaborative studying of Ukrainians and foreigners has a certain social aspect. Foreign students have become more aware of the traditions and culture of Ukraine. Ukrainian students have also learned a lot of new and interesting things about other countries.


It’s very pleasant to get a greeting from another continent from the parents or friends of your classmates. Children spend a lot of time together outside of the University, celebrate together national and personal holidays.

We wish students further success, awards and grants!