Conditions for our partners


business partners

Ready business on turnkey basis



referral partnership

Earn money advertizing us in social nets




Invite a friend!


Office (room of 20 sq. Meters), you can create partnership on the basis of already working business  (consulting services).

Stuff: Director, Secretary.

Registration of your own company (needed for signing).

Local advertising (online and offline).

Corporate identity and status of the partner.

The list of services ready for sales.

Staff training (training materials, trainings, webinars).

A partner contract, Partner`s Personal Cabinet (CRM).

Ready Landings, banners, layouts and texts.

Scheme and ready-made marketing models.

1. 100% payment of consulting and office services.

2. Fixed income $ 100 for every client.

3. 50% for all services purchased by the client in Ukraine.

Prossesing own website, blog, groups in social networks, etc.

Referal registration (his complete data).

Personal account for payment.

Links to the main site, landing accommodation, activity in social networks to promote SMM.

Referral Agreement

Help in registration and creation of a site
Cabinet of the referral
Payment system
Counting system of leads

Referral`s link

Promotional materials

Landing and banners

Statistics Analysis

1. $ 1 for each lead
2. $ 30 for a customers, bought company`s service

We want in managers and agents to raise. Perhaps with a minimum experience of work. Work in social networks, advertising the company’s services, the creation and maintenance of pages in social networks (English and Russian): facebook, instagram. Creating and maintaining a blog. Collection of official contacts of the social resources of schools and communities. Theme: “Education and life in Ukraine for foreign students,” the invitation of applicants to study in Ukraine, advertising of universities and specific professions.

$ 100 for customers who signed a contract with the university in Ukraine + $ 50 for signing a service contract with our company +% of the purchased services to customers during the year.