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Holi is an Indian traditional annual celebration of spring and bright colors. Traditionally, in this holiday there are mass celebrations, sprinkling of paint made from herbs and natural dyes (hum) and pouring water. Since in eastern countries people are more susceptible to all kinds of viruses – this also serves as prophylaxis and prevention of viral diseases.

What is a “Festival of Holi in Kiev?” Many of our compatriots, after visiting India and neighboring countries, have known and loved this festival. Nobody conducted such activities before, for several reasons: as the Festival in India takes place in the spring, and the weather conditions in Ukraine are different from India. And it is more pleasant to hold it in the summer warm days. And as these colors are produced just in the time, when Holi is celebrated – it is very difficult to get them in summer. But we can do this!

Our festival is not limited with only sprinkling of paint, we have prepared an extensive program for your holiday:

  • Body art and animators for children
  • Traditional mehendi painting
  • Performance and workshops on Indian dance
  • Inflation of huge soap bubbles
  • Continuous music accompaniment of DJs
  • Performance of the most favorite singers
  • Lots of tasty things and comfortable places for relaxation and children
  • Lots of interesting souvenirs and fantastic contests
  • A pleasant surprise at the closing of the festival

You will paint the whole world in bright colors and emotions, you will escape from the monotony of everyday life and will have a good rest! This is what you will remember and tell your friends, you will definitely gain positive emotions for the whole next year!